Friday, 20 November 2009

Driller Thriller

Debut album from my favourite live band of the late nineteen-eighties.

The name comes about due to the first pressings of the vinyl edition not having a central spindle hole, but it did include instructions, and encouragement, to enable the user to add the hole [is adding a hole a paradox?], complete with recommended drill bit size.

It still sounds great this album. And if you're used to the more dancy, electronic PFX-style Gaye Bykers, then this might take you by surprise, as this is a far more down to earth, raw and dirty affair, with the band playing flat-out, full-tilt boogie.
Every track races to the end: flange set on max, a buzzing rhythm section and Mary Mary growling along in an often Foetus-like fashion.

Highlights are 'Motorvate', 'All Hung Up', two tracks that include great refrains - Mary could do a good chorus - 'Zen Express' with its Harrison-like riff, and 'After Suck There's Blow': literal existentialism.

And boy, just dig those helicopter effects during 'World War 7 Blues'.

Gaye Bykers on Acid - Drill Your Own Hole (1987)

Call Me a Liar
All Hung Up
Zen Express
World War 7 Blues
Git Down (Shake Your Thang)
After Suck There's Blow
So Far Out
Drive In Salvation
T.V. Cabbage

Decent cassette rip @320kbs
Occasional level fluctuation; soon rights itself.
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Grebo Guru said...

Such a brilliant, brilliant debut.
God do I miss 'em!

Anonymous said...

Motorvate ..... such a great track

roy rocket said...

La-la lah, La-la lah