Saturday, 13 December 2008

Pronk Goes Dutch

Juxtaposed with the Here and Now band's mid-eighties' sound, Cardiacs' music doesn't sound quite so oblique, but that's not to say the Cardiacs were derivative, they weren't; they mashed up genres like they'd never been mashed before, and thus: Pronk was born.
Here the Pronk masters are caught towards the end of their peak period back in 1988.

An excellent recording captured at Amsterdam's Paradiso; a venue that's provided many a quality live recording over the years.

They always provided a good show did the Cardiacs.
Always a spectacle; with stage decked out in streamers, balloons, flowers and other colourful whatnot; and what with their strange and alienating theatrical antics, bizarre preambles and general degenerate behaviour (listen to the way the audience on this recording respond to the false endings and Tim Smith's surreal intros): yeah, it was always a good night out.

But despite all their madcap tomfoolery, as a band they were always frighteningly tighter than tight; just check out 'Loosefish Scapegrace' on this recording; you couldn't drop a fag paper between their synchronous phrasing and dramatic time changes.
Spooky. Unearthly.

Cardiacs - Live (1989)

The Icing on the World
To Go Off and Things
In a City Lining
Gina Lollcbrigda
There's Too Many Irons in the Fire
Tarred and Feathered
Goose Gash
Loosefish Scapegrace
Is this the Life

Excellent cassette rip @320kbs
Get a Cardiac rush here


Unknown said...

any chance of you Uploading the Cardiacs Amsterdam Live gig.
Your lucky to have so much Cardiacs as most of their stuff is now going for silly Money

roy rocket said...

I'll sort it; keep watching. roy

Unknown said...

ok kool i will keep my eyes on the Prize and wait

roy rocket said...

Enjoy, roy

Anonymous said...

cheers for the upload .

roy rocket said...

Hope you enjoy. roy

Unknown said...

Just outta Curiosity Cardiacs live Amsterdam . the last track was meant to be BIG SHIP. but seems to be missing from your file. Do you not have this track at all on the album

roy rocket said...

Er, no.
Wonder why?