Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Have a Skanking New Year!

Not too much explanation or explication needed for this post.
Except to say: what more perfect a way will see in the New Year than a Classic Ska Collection?

So here is a Classic Ska Collection.

Add it to your party mix; or just light-up a big one, kick back the rug, throw down the talc and skank yourself through the chimes.

The Liquidators - compiled by Mark Stratford (1989)
Licenced by Trojan Records and Greenheart Music.

Liquidator - Harry J. All Stars
Rudy, A Message To You - Dandy Livingstone
Phoenix City - Roland Alphonso
It Mek - Desmond Dekker
Miss Jamaica - Jimmy Cliff
Musical Store Room - Don Drummond
Pressure Drop - The Maytals
Return of Django - The Upsetters
Skinhead Moonstomp - Symarip
Israelites - Desmond Dekker and the Aces
Guns of Navarone - Skatalites
Train to Rainbow City - The Pyramids
007 (Shanty Town) - Desmond Dekker
Guns Fever - Baba Brooks
Shame and Scandal - Peter Tosh and the Wailers
Double Barrel - Dave and Ansil Collins
Ethiopia - The Pyramids
Dollar in the Teeth - The Upsetters
Johnny Too Bad - Slickers
Don't be a Rude Boy - The Rulers
Train to Skaville - The Ethipoians
12 Minutes To Go - Tommy McCook
Monkey Man - The Maytals
Rudy's Dead - The Pyramids

CD rip, includes artwork
Liquidate yourself here

And whatever you get up to this New Year's Eve,
whatever your body holds host to,
whatever is coursing through your blood stream:
And have one on me

Have a Happy New Year! Yeah!
Shanti, roy


michaelDUSTdevil said...

i think i may rather enjoy this... have a great new year my friend... Mxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Roy...and a happy new year to you! Also, you really should be careful smoking while wearing the bag.

Josh said...

Happy New Year Roy! Nice collection.

roy rocket said...

What bag?
Hey, Happiness to all.
This one is gonna be a good one.
Shanti, roy

mug said...

Thanks for everything. LOVE your Top Cat T-shirt.

I must have one.

Haven't thought about that show in years...

Too bad you can't download shirts.

Anonymous said...

great photo mate...