Thursday, 17 November 2011

Shamanic Wind-Bag

Another artist who wooed Bowie's Meltdown audience in 2002 was Finnish accordion maestro Kimmo Pohjonen.

With his long time collaborator, sonic percussionist and electro beat wizard Sami Kuoppamaki, Pohjonen is able to far exceed the normal limitations of the draft-driven keyboard; creating textures and sounds one would more associate with Korgs and Rolands; conjuring up visions of the waste of tundra, the birch forests, the lakes, and a dark atmosphere that could only emanate from harsh northern climes.
The music just reeks of Finland.

In homage to the Meltdown's curator, the duo performed several Bowie songs as part of their set.
In this twenty-two minute captured extract two of Day-veed's songs can be heard: 'Brilliant Adventure' and 'We Prick You'; plus two original Pohjonen tunes; both very moody and both very dark.

Kimmo Pohjonen - Live at the Meltdown Festival, 2002.
Decent rip from cassette captured FM broadcast @320kbs.
Squeezed sonics here

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