Sunday, 6 November 2011


Cem's the Pearl Jam fan in our 'ouse; but I do like the odd tune.
Which is why I like this: it's full of odd tunes.

Covering 'Em Selves is I guess what Pearl Jam do when they play versions of their own songs [!], but what is most interesting are the true covers that help make up this disparate collection of 'rare' live tracks.

Temple & The Dog and Neil Young maybe the more obvious artists covered, but The Who, Bob Dylan and, providing a platform for the album's best number, The Beatles, are all a little more surprising.
In fact, 'I've Got a Feeling' is really very good indeed; the added beef PJ bring to the song is very effective, and Vedder shudders marvellously all the way through.

So, all in all, quite a fun piece, with some real aural surprises.
Funny enough, I've noticed quite a lot of Pearl Jam in the Blogosphere lately, but I haven't seen this one; an essential addition, without doubt.

Pearl Jam - Covering 'Em (Selves) (1993)

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