Saturday, 3 September 2011

Notes For Guns

Apologies for the recent lack of activity; up to my 'nads in stuff... o, you know how it is....

However, to break from the monotony of obligation, I felt compelled to share and put this back out there, as I've been listening to little else of late.

'Back out there' as this beautiful recording was originally offered as a free download by The Guardian newspaper;
now withdrawn.

Despite its freebie origins this has readily become my favourite recording from Tinariwen's tasty canon.
I've been waiting for a decent live recording since Amassakoul; this has made the wait very worthwhile.

Gorgeously recorded, the band perform almost unplugged: the guitars are acoustic but the bass remains plugged in, adding a Jah Wobbley kind of dub tinge to the mesmerisingly rhythmic camel gait driven blues Tinariwen typify.

So if you missed it, or knew bugger all about it, grab this.

Tinariwen - Live at Bouffes Du Nord, Paris (2011)

Asuf D Alwa
Djegh Ishilan
Imidiwan Ma Tenam
Tamiditin Tan Ufrawan
Kud Edazamin
Iswegh Attay
Takest Tamidaret

Excellent recording @320kbs.
Mali masters here


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. You make me happy.

infinite fool said...

Now I'm excited. You've definitely made my morning.

Their new album is terrific, by the way. Have you heard it yet?

roy rocket said...

I have, and it's excellent - but you know what? I think this might be better... I'm certainly playing this more; especially in the car; it sounds amazing: perfect travel music. roy

infinite fool said...

You're right. This is excellent. I like it so mucn, I posted a Tinariwen show of my own over at my place. It's very different than this one - electric, etc., it's even got someone rapping in French. Stop ny and check it out.