Monday, 19 September 2011

Hed Shaker

Blisteringly bombastic, ball-breaking set from bohemian ragga-muffin toffs Kula Shaker.

Here at their height; at their best; performing numbers for Mark Radcliffe's Radio 1 show.
Their quality was soon to be undermined, unfortunately by Mills himself, who became deeply unpopular with his peers - the intro to 'Start All Over' hints at why that was.
Crispian's then attempt at reclaiming the swastika kind of sealed it: their fall was inevitable.

Still, they had their moment.
As we all should.
Revel in it.

Kula Shaker - FM Radio 1 Session for Mark Radcliffe (1996)

Hey Dude
Start All Over

Excellent rip from cassette @320kbs.
Go on and Shake here

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