Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Two gigs bookending the career of the majestic masters Kraftwerk.

The first is a wonderful curio from the very early days.
Some say it isn't Kraftwerk at all, and in a way they're right.

Play it to someone. Ask them who it is.
I mean, Kraftwerk have a unique sound, right; unmistakable: easily identifiable.
Aural auteurs: the last thing you would expect is electric stun, fuzz guitar and violin sounds.

But it is Kraftwerk; well, I think it is; it just happens to come from a time when the outfit were in flux; a time before they found their niche; before they began making all their own instruments, and before they found the true Kraftwerk sound.

The band at this time included Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger, and as all you Kraut Rock freaks know, they're the guys who went off and created Neu!

And it's Neu! who I would have gone for if someone had played it to me and asked me who it was; coz that's what it sounds like.
And it's damn fine Neu! type noise, too.

Well worth checking out, this.
Especially if you dig stretched out sonic jams, big guitar sounds and monster riffs, all with a touch of trance and grindcore thrown in for good measure.
And it's an A+ recording - man, it sounds good!

Kraftwerk - Bremen Radio 71 (2006)

Heavy Metal Kids

CD rip to mp3s. Seventy minutes. Artwork included.
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It was four years later the classic lineup of the band went on to create Autobahn, recorded entirely using home-made instruments, and as the BBC revealed at the time, not only did the music sound as if it was being made by robots, the pictures confirmed that robots were indeed responsible for manufacturing the bizarre sounds.

Autobahn became a big hit for the band, and in the second of the two gigs, recorded in 2010, 'Autobahn' gets a good airing, and even has a new middle section, one that is fresh, drawing from recent ambient developments; breathing life into the old beast.

The whole gig works like that.
It is a real 'Greatest Hits' set, but what they do with the tunes is quite remarkable; and those tunes we're all so familiar with; well, they sound as fresh as a Tory cut. Chop!

'The Model', a song that had been taken away from Kraftwerk for me by Albini's version on Big Black's Songs About Fucking, is claimed back by the originators.
It just sounds so much better in German.

The real highlight is 'Radioactivity'.
Yeah, fresh!
Just listen to that intro and try not to tremble.

Again, excellent sound, and nearly an hour of ear-poppin', Teutonic brilliance.

Kraftwerk - Live 2010

The Man Machine
The Model
Music Non Stop
Computer World
The Robots
Trans Europe Express

Ripped from DVD captured broadcast @320kbs.
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KiDG said...

Ah, thanks for this!

But just wanna check, Man Machine live only 9secs?

roy rocket said...

I'll sort that...


KiDG said...

Thanks...but strangely it works nicely...hahaha didn't notice until I saw the track's timing...

roy rocket said...

Far Out!

Anyways, I've reloaded it with fixed [!?] Man Machine file.

Enjoy, roy

KiDG said...

Thanks! Great always!

OLDNIK said...

NICE! can't go wrong with a bit of Kraftwerk! I have Big Black's the model on 7" ... somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for Bremen, roy - listening with interest now! The first two albums on Philips - Kraftwerk 1 & 2 in 1970 and 1971 - have been repudiated by the band, and never given a CD re-release. However, they are still available thanks to theheatwarps; the links are on the 1 and 2 of the sub-title to the post:

Cheers, Dave Sez.