Friday, 1 April 2011

Frail Loops

The usual suspects included in those lists of 'The Greatest Albums Ever'; you know, those who have influenced many, changed the world even, those such as: Sgt. Peppers', Pet Sounds, Trout Mask Replica, OK Computer, etc., really need to make way, as there is another contender: a lost or snobbishly ignored classic, a true avant-garde masterpiece.

In 1973, Bognor Regis, a resort often remembered for the momentous encounter between The Beatles and The Maharishi, also played host to another extraordinary event.
This unique historical happening was fortunately encapsulated; captured and reproduced for others to share and experience.
The fact that hardly anyone remembers it or even knows about it is evidence enough to prove just how important and special that event was.

Remarkable individuals gathered together; the stars merged; the planets were aligned; and those fortunate enough to have been there left the life-changing event as totally different people: something had touched them, for they had witnessed something very, very special indeed.

I wasn't there. But I have the recording. And I'd very much like to share it with you.
This will change your mood, your mind and quite possibly your life.

So who's responsible for this potentially life altering manifestation?
Well, feast your eyes and look on in awe, without prejudice, for here are the Special Ones:

I know they might not look like much, but believe me, these innocuous looking types could very well alter your whole outlook.

Now prepare yourself to have your life changed through your ears.

You will not believe the power of Green and Love's delivery of 'The Happy Wanderer'.
You will be moved, like you've never been moved before, by Ward's sincerity during his rendition of 'Danny Boy'.
You will be truly astounded by the majesty of Graham's 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.
And as for the Bognor masses belting out the chorus of 'Deep in the Heart of Texas', well, words fail me: language just can't do it justice....


Experience this aural treasure for yourselves.
Get here
It's absolutely smashing!


wackystuff said...

Right you are. This blows OK Computer right out of the water!

Anonymous said...

Happy April Fools Day

teifidancer said...

wicked, Mr Rocket....
so good to see your still retaining
all your majestic faculties
much love

Anonymous said...

Good to see your back Roy, I trust all is ship shape and Bristol fashion? HKH

roy rocket said...

'kin back!

;) roy

roy rocket said...

Love to those who commented on the 'missive' post.
You know who you are, and I thank you.
Shanti, roy