Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Windy Pops

Awhile since some Hawks, so here's a now deleted classic that best captures some highlights from the early days of the band's ever eternal career.

The wonderful Barney Bubbles' cover sets the scene, leading and preparing the aural space cadet for a most hallucinatory super sonic journey; steered by the most outrageous bunch of lunatics who ever laid hands on the controls.

Collected from the early albums, tracks segue together seamlessly; the juxtapositions creating something new from something old.
Dave Brock was incredibly good at this; a true master of bricolage: forever remastering, recycling and repackaging.

Roadhawks was really the first example of this, but as always, well, nearly always, Brock threw in a few sweeteners; a few gems to keep his audience happy.

(In this case, wicked live versions of 'You Shouldn't Do That' and 'Silver Machine', and the 'banned by the BBC' single: 'Urban Guerilla':

"I'm an urban guerilla
I make bombs in my cellar..."

Not the best time for release as far as the establishment was concerned; the IRA were at the height of their mainland bombing campaign.)

Yes, Dr. Technical was a master of knowing how to entice the punter just enough to force them into buying music they already owned; hooked by a lustful desire for the two or three unreleased elsewhere tracks.
But hey, that's the music business, right; and I'm with Thom Yorke on this one:
'The music industry is dead!'

Long live music!

Hawkwind - Roadhawks (1975)

Hurry on Sundown
You Shouldn't Do That (Live)
Silver Machine (Live)
Urban Guerilla
Space is Deep
Wind of Change
The Golden Void

Decent vinyl rip @320kbs
Go outta space here

Another classic out of print Hakwind album on the way.
Watch this SPACE


. said...

Well, okay. I have fond memories of Stacia, from front n' centre.

. said...

Faaaark .. this is great!

Cy at Pck said...

thanks for the hawkwind postings...I was searching for Friends and Relations Vol 1....however the others here are greatly appreciated....
cy from Pck