Sunday, 6 February 2011

Doctor's Note

If you're on an Hawkwind trip, then what better way to end than to hear from the captain and good doctor himself.
And again, I'm flabbergasted this album is no longer available.
What's going on, Dave?

I like Dave Brock - sorry Nik - his music and ideas have given me a great deal of pleasure over the years. I've seen him live many times: in fields, venues, clubs, sheds and tents; and have spent many a pleasant moment with his music as an accompaniment.

So when this, his first solo cut, came out back in eighty-four, myself, and many a Hawkwind fan had expectant and anticipatory ears.

It met all expectations; and expanded them.

A totally home-made, self-reliant piece this, and okay, at times the odd track may sound a little like a Hawkwind demo; but the low production values and sparsity of sound really help to create an intimate atmosphere; a sense of peering and listening in to Dr. Technical working in his lab.

There is a bit of double-dipping, including the 'Assassination' thing from Church; but there's some great trancy Warrior styled jams, some interesting electronica, and even a bit of bubble-gum pop in the hooky 'Sweet Obsession'.
I say it's bubble-gum pop, in fact, thinking about it, it's probably about stalking.
Buy hey, it's got a great melody!

Along with all the epic, cosmic flights of fancy; the literary erudition and the spaced-out concepts; Dave Brock has a great sense of humour and fun, and that really shines on this album, and unlike Agents of Chaos, his next solo piece released three years later, this is very upbeat indeed.

The Orb recently got together with the wrong Dave, you know.
Patterson should have made an album with Brock.
Now that would have been interesting.

Dave Brock - Earthed to the Ground (1984)

Earthed to the Ground
Green Finned Demon
Sweet Obsession
Machine Dream
Now is the Winter of our Discontent
On the Case

Excellent vinyl rip @320kbs
Plug in here


Anonymous said...

I used to have a ropey old bootleg tape of Demo's of earthed to the ground which also had embryonic versions of tracks that ended up on church of hawkind. Some on the tape versions where better than the vinyl ones.
It didn't have "on the case" on it though,which I thought was a great tune.
Thanks. Love you blog.

SpiralArray said...

Wow, this will be fun to listen to tonight. Saw this in the record stores years ago, and forgot all about it. Thanks much!