Sunday, 24 October 2010

Feel the Plea

Just to add a nice tasty topping to my Ruben/Doo-wop sandwich, here's part 2 of the Red Robin Doo-wop compilations.

Noticeable as to how dumber the lyrics really did get as the genre developed.
'I', the opening track exemplifies this; the clue's in the title, right; but in no way would it appear at all out of place on Ruben & The Jets: it really is one of the dumbest, over-sentimentalized piece of melodramatic, self-absorbed outpourings you'll ever hear.

And it's fantastic!

Various Artists - Golden Era of Doo-Wops, Red Robin, Part 2 (1994)

I - Velvets
Love Doll - Scarlets
I Walk Alone - Vocaleers
Go Back - Du-Droppers
How Could You? - Mello-Moods
Indian Fever - Scarlets
Will She Know? - Serenaders
Hurry Home - Vocaleers
At Last - Velvets
I've Lost - Scarlets
My Kind of Woman - Alan Bunn & Larks
Won't You Come Home, Baby - Topps
Is It a Dream? - Vocaleers
Evening - Rainbows
Why Can't You Treat Me Right? - Sequins
I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night - Mello-Moods
Kiss Me - Scarlets
Will You Be True? - Vocaleers
I Want To Love You, Baby - Serenaders
What Do You Do - Topps
They Tried - Velvets
Come On and Love Me, Baby - Du-Droppers
Oh Where - Vocaleers
True Love - Scarlets

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And for you real Zappa-heads out there, check out the Sequins' 'Why Can't You treat Me Right?'; you'll hear what I mean.

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