Monday, 18 October 2010

Acid Hit

Here's a typically eighties' styled stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhed 12" version of an early Gaye Bykers' track.

Alex Fergusson's arrangement and production is somehow reminiscent of a Foetus-styled recording - big beats, samples, touretteic-like vocals accompanied by a bombastic faux orchestral back track - yeah, Foetus-like.

But this recording is probably of more interest for its original B Side.
Two live tracks, very well recorded, capturing some full-on early nuggets from the tripped out arty musos.

The spirit of Dr. Feelgood hovers heavy, as does echoes of The Seeds, The Sonics and all manner of psyche, pub-rock, garage type influence.

Of course it didn't last long; their sound was driven by the zeitgeist; electonica and glow sticks lured them into new territory; but this recording only goes to prove that the Gaye Bykers could play some mighty fine boogie.
Full tilt!

I wonder if Albert Hofmann, had he heard this, would have wished he'd been a watchmaker?
You know, like that other Albert-dude...

Gaye Bykers on Acid - Git Down (Shake Your Thang) 12" (1987)

Git Down (Shake Your Thang)
Tolcchocked By Kenny Pride
Go Go In Out, In Out Garotschka

Immaculate vinyl rip @320kbs
Trip out here


Music for Songwriters said...

this was one hell of an album...i missed listening to this kind of music...

roy rocket said...

Them were the daze indeed.
But hey.
Still are, right!

Grebo Guru said...

Right classic, this one.
I still remember the 'controversy' that the video provided (either because of Mary in blackface, or obscene use of a cucumber).
I love the remix, and yes the 2 b-sides are fan-fucking-tastic.