Wednesday, 5 May 2010


So what did you do for your Bank Holiday Monday?
I had a pleasant walk along the beach, then lunched on a punnet of whelks while watching the old folk ride around the harbour wall in their motorized buggies.

After all this sensory experience I felt it was fitting to spend the rest of the afternoon chilling out to some classic punk and early post-punk 45s.
Just seemed appropriate somehow.

Unfortunately I am unable to share the visual imagery associated with the mechanized aged (I'm no Martin Parr that's for sure), nor can I pass on the orally gratifying experience of chewing on a well peppered and vinegared whelk, but I can share some of the music I listened to, inspired by the slow, peculiar, but not unpleasant digestive sensation brought on by the aforementioned mollusc.

Classics all!
Makes for a nice little compilation.


A - Orgasm Addict
B - What Ever Happened To?

Produced by Martin Rushent, 1977


A - Give Me Everything
B - I Love You You Big Dummy

Produced by Tony Wilson, 1978

The Ruts

A - In a Rut
B - H-Eyes

Produced by The Ruts, 1979

Throbbing Gristle

A - United
B - Zyklon B Zombie

Produced by Throbbing Gristle, 1978


A - Memories
B - Another

12" version, Produced by PiL, 1979

All ripped from vinyl @320kbs
A fistful of 45s here


I'm going to try razor clams next week...


Anonymous said...

nice bunch of 7''s mate... how can you eat that shit tho... yuk.
hope yr well, the last few posts have been sweet... i always felt i had more in common with the us punk scene... minutemen are my all time fav punk band.
anyway hope yr living large... peace from the west.xx

roy rocket said...

I've always liked a whelk!
Yeah, good here - still outta space with The Astronauts; but as you said, it will happen...

I know what you mean about the American scene; but I really like British post punk.
I started to listen to American hard core when the U.K. scene became tired and commercial; but I also like Finnish tango music...
Shanti, roy

Anonymous said...

Everyone a winner especially the Beefheart cover - cheers Roy.


roy rocket said...

Magazine perform a great version of 'Big Dummy' on the live set I've posted.
Regards, roy

Anonymous said...


roy rocket said...

That's damn loud.
I'll try and up some requests over the next few days - keep 'em peeled. roy

rabbit said...

Hi there... Found your blog via skamanhacketts "magazine megapost" and some more googling.
Finally got around to looking for magazine boots.
Thank you for posting/sharing your excellent rip of magazine at the roundhouse in 2009.
Made my week. :)
So I started looking around on your site and found this singles megapost which, unfortunately, is no longer up.

Anyhow, since this is not an "upload-request" but rather a thank you note that ended up on the wrong post, I'll just say thanx for all the good stuff I find that's still alive.
Cheers mate!

roy rocket said...

Thanks, rabbit.
You seem like a decent enough human being - if you want anything from here that is unfortunately deaded, let me know and I'll see what I can do ;)