Saturday, 15 May 2010

Soho A Go Go

Staying with a jazz flavour.
Here's a bit of fusion for ya.

Firstly with a fine piece of rock jazz.
Brand X utilizing Phil Collins to perform an unusual - for them - vocal for his and guitarist John Goodsall's 'Soho'.

Riff led, Goodsall displays his chops, and for a Brand X number this is very accessible.

The original B Side pairing is more familiar jazz rock territory; both instrumental, and both leaning more towards the avant-garde, importing a little oblique funk into the mix for good measure.

Unique to this recording, the two tracks are firmly steered by Percy Jones's busy, busy, bib-a-de-bob bass patter; a sound that really allowed Brand X to stand apart from the o so many fusionists who were at work around this time.

At their best Brand X were a great band - too prolific for their own good, I feel - and if you fancy a little more of this, check out Livestock, their live album from 77; that's where they really nail it.

Brand X - Soho 12" (1979)

Noddy Goes to Sweden
Pool Room Blues

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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the rare non-album track, Thanks! I would also recommend Moroccan Roll (their best studio record imo). They released one other 12inch single, can't remember the tracks, other than the rare non-lp tune on that 12" was a jam excerpt entitled "Genocide of the Straights" or something like that!!! -dandor

roy rocket said...

You're right 'Moroccan Roll' is the best studio release.
Saw them once at a Knebworth Festival (79?); they opened the proceedings; couldn't have been a better start...
Regards, roy

Anonymous said...

many thanks for the rare 'Pool Room Blues'.
'Noddy Goes To Sweden' was included with the next lp "Do They Hurt?" (wich is from the same sessions as "Product").

Anonymous said...

can you post the rare "Genocide of the Straights" ?
thanx for you blog

roy rocket said...

Can't do that one I'm afraid.
Soz, roy

Reimer said...

Thanks Roy - nice mix on yer blog. Missing Brand X lately. Any chance of HK Gruber re-up?


roy rocket said...

O yes! Gruber's essential.
Coming your way at the weekend.
Check Gruber post and look for 'link fixed' comment.

Did you want some Brand X, too?