Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mix It Up

Feel I needed to mix things up a bit; and having not posted any dub for a while, I felt the best way to stir things up is to post a slice of one of the great mixers of all time: Mr.Blakamix himself: Dennis 'Mixman' Bedeau.

In fact this is a double dose of Mixman; as he generously provided Volume One of his 'Dub Series' New Dimension Dub (1989), with this the second in the series: Dub Like Wild Fire (1992).

All in all very nearly eighty minutes of eardrum bending, torso folding, 'Essential' dub.

Like The Mad Professor, Scientist, King Tubby, Adrian Sherwood, et al. Bedeau's mastery of the studio places his music right up there alongside those other more well-known dub-masters.

There is a slight leaning on Dub Like Wild Fire towards drum and bass patterns and hints at other similar club styleees; but really the heart of Bedeau's dub lay in roots music, the African continent and Jamaica - despite the fact that he was based in Bedford, England - and New Dimension Dub is far more traditionally flavoured.

So if you dig heavy heavy dub sounds, made from a blend of instruments, elecronica, the odd voice and some serious knob twiddling, it may be well worth checking this out.

Much of Mixman's recent music is still available; so if you like this seek some out.
Betcha can't get this one though!
(Except here of course...)
MixMan - Dub Like Wild Fire & New Dimension Dub (1992)

Imperial Dub
Trodding Creation
Zulu Warrior
Dub Tribe
Kill Nebuchadnezzer
Rivers Dub
African Princess
Crash Like Thunder
African Boat Row
Dub Like Wild Fire
Malachi the Messenger
Try Run Nuh
Steppers Delight
Dub to Zion
Dangerous Fusion
Warrior Dance
Mixman's 5th Symphony
Who is the Hooligan
Ark of the Covenant
New Dimension Dub

CD rip to mp3s
Mix one for yourself here


Richard said...

Takes me back to happy times...

One young white punk at the Caribbean Carnival in Leicester, the Almight Aba Shanti spinning plates through a purple haze - my first introduction to both Dub and the herb.

Cut forward 30 minutes, watching a completely stoned copper trying to wind up his portly waist with a lovely young Jamaican woman who, to her credit, didn't piss herself laughing at him - I nearly did.

Cut forward another 30 minutes, completely off my biscuit and the world is a beautiful place... peace and earth-shattering bass an hitherto unknown combination, but one I've still never lost the taste for... 30 years down the line!

Peace and Jah Love

teifidancer said...

boom shanka

devotionalhooligan said...

sweet roy.x

. said...

Nice to see an original post! Thanks for this - if my eardrums don't bleed I'll be disappointed!

roy rocket said...

Hey Richard, isn't that one of the amazing things about music?
The way it acts as a time-machine.
Thanks for the memory.
Shanti, roy

., Nothing is True All is...
No you've heard that before...

Anonymous said...

Ah! with these posts you are surely spoiling us Roy