Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bro! Orb Remixed!

Motivated by their best release for years, The Orb broadcast this sixty minute little gem last weekend.

Mostly new, a little bit of old, material mixed up and remixed; proving that their Baghdad Batteries is a blessed return to their roots and previous form.

Plenty of hints of 'Fluffy Little Clouds', 'Assassin' and 'The Blue Room' here; moving gently between ambient and dub and back again; all perfectly controlled by the good Doctor Paterson whose fingers guide the knobs.

Originally broadcast on BBC6, 12/9/09, as part of the 6 Mix Session spot.
I have split this up into bite size pieces; separating Paterson's patter and removing idents.
I have included Paterson's preamble, as it's worth hearing, but you may not want to hear it every time.
When editing for burning, put the musical parts together and remove pauses, it segues pretty smoothly.

Baghdad Batteries
Chuck Peas (remix)
Your Eyes Are Dreaming (remix)
Styrofoam Meltdown
Dolly Unit (remix)
Orban Tumbleweed
DDD (remix)
Raven's Reprise

Captured digital broadcast @320kbs
Polish up your Orb here


Anonymous said...

Splendid post Roy - I loved the Orb around the time Peely first played them but they went off the boil a bit - this sounds nice though and made me think about digging out some vinyl.

Cheers Nik

roy rocket said...

Yeah, good isn't it... takes you back... aaaahh.
Always worth whipping out your vinyl!

sweetbeats said...

Love the orb really looking forward to this.
Here's the orb Album Okie Dokie
Not heard it myself yet

Enjoy !

roy rocket said...

Ta very much; I'll go get that.
Shanti, roy