Friday, 24 July 2009

Raw Head and Bloody Bones

Before I alter course and depart the outer limits of planet Hawkwind's populous orbit, I thought I'd raise the memory of another eighties' space project: the accompanying piece to Inner City Unit's The President's Tapes: the 1985 e.p. Blood and Bone.

Made with much gusto and energy, this e.p. confirmed Nik Turner's affiliation to the post-punk sound, especially evident on the covers 'Brand New Cadillac' (a kind of thug-punk-jazz number) and 'Little Black Egg' (an acid-tinged piece of tomfoolery even more bizarre than the Nightingales' original nugget).

'Blood and Bone' and 'Paint Your Windows White' are fairly typical quality I.C.U. fare, but 'Hurricane Fighter Plane' could easily have been lifted from Bob Calvert's Captain Loockheed and the Starfighters - wrong side of course! - and if it wasn't written by Calvert (I am without info), it must have been inspired by him, what with its lust for flight and flying machines.

Calvert was active at this time and soon took a couple of Turner's I.C.U. cohorts back on the road, leaving Nik to return, once more, to the welcoming arms of Dr. Technical, allowing the good ship Hawkwind to get back on track and course and carry on with their [seemingly] never-ending trip.

If you like this, Nik's Punkadelic is available still; very reasonably priced
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Inner City Unit - Blood and Bone (1985)

Blood and Bone
Hurricane Fighter Plane
Brand New Cadillac
Paint Your Windows White
Little Black Egg

Excellent cassette rip @320kbs
Get visceral here


Anonymous said...

Great to see ICU are not forgoten Hurricane Fighter Plane by the way is a Red Crayola song from 1968's Parable of the Arable Land a brilliant freak-out LP!

roy rocket said...

Thanks for that; I'll go and check it out...

devotionalhooligan said...

hiya roy
we must have been buying a lot of the same stuff at the time... i love this ep... ICU version of Hurricane Fighter Plane is spot on... red c(k)rayola are one of my fav bands too... so it's a double bubble.x

roy rocket said...

We must have bumped into each other on occasion down in the pit...

Hey, liked your Banksy pics; hoping to get along some time this coming week.
You also managed to settle a discussion I was having with Cem: no, Banksy's not really suitable for our eight year old!
Ya boo.
Best wishes, roy

devotionalhooligan said...

enjoy banksy,it's well worth seeing.
Personally i think it's a great show for kids too,the worst bit if you took your 8yr old would be the 40+ minute wait... my daughter used to love agit-prop events & loved banksy but she's 18 now.
big hugs.x

Anonymous said...

Nice post Roy - cheers


roy rocket said...

Hope you're well...

Anonymous said...

Hurrican Fighter Plane is on the KillYourPetPuppy site if you hunt for it.

roy rocket said...

And a very good site that is too. Cheers for the nod, roy