Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Recording in the studio radically changed the Lloyd-Langton Group's sound.
It sprang to life.

What with the occasional keyboards, double tracked vocal and overdubbed guitars, a much richer and fuller sound was created.
And from the opening title track more familiar aural territories are revealed, as the overdubbed guitar allowed Huw to add his trademark trills: those levitating, full but floaty notes.

The best tracks on the album reveal a dark side to Lloyd-Langton's psyche; paranoid, dystopian lyrics accompanied by his spacey blues; heard in 'Got Your Number', 'Diseased Society' and 'Lonely Man'.

Huw pays homage to his roots on 'Painted Evergreen', as it wouldn't be out of place on an old Widowmaker album.

'Für Kirsty' is the one track I do tend to skip, as Huw has one of those nylon moments - I blame Iommi for such indulgences; he's got a lot to answer for...

The album ends on a rather oblique note, with the angular, staccato 'Lunar Tic'.
Its odd beat and looped riffs deliver a more experimental sound; and as an ode to mans' relationship with his closest celestial body it seems perfectly apt.

The album completes full circle, ending where it began:

The moon seeped through the trees
And music drifted on to me
I waited and wanted to believe

The Lloyd-Langton group - Night Air (1985)

Night Air
Before Is Over
Got Your Number
Painted Evergreen
Für Kirsty
Diseased Society
Alien Jiggers
Lonely Man
Candle Burning
Lunar Tic

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