Monday, 22 June 2009

A Tad More

The presence of Albini is obvious throughout this recording: he's all over it like a rash.
And Tad's sound roars to life as a consequence.

The opening three tracks of this Albini produced mini-LP - the A side of the original vinyl - are to my mind the best tracks Tad recorded.
In fact I'd go further, and say that Salt Lick was one of the best recordings to emerge from the disparate, fracturing grunge scene.

The real stand-out number has to be 'High on the Hog', where we hear about Tad's schooling:

My girl taught me how to drink,My girl taught me how to smoke,My girl of eighteen years
Taught me everything I need to know.


(Hmm, not a Nirvana song then.)

Listening to this really makes me wanna grow my hair well long, just so I can send it arcing round my body in time to these thudding, grinding riffs.

It so brings out the primordial metal-head inside of ya; the one deep down that exists in each and everyone of us... resistance is futile... Aah!... get back you bastard!
Tad - Salt Lick (1990)

Axe to Grind
High on the Hog
Glue Machine

Excellent vinyl rip @320kbs
Release the beast here


Keir said...

Nirvana did cover High On The Hog live though!

michaelDUSTdevil said...

nice one once again sir... Mxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello, i been searching this album for years and finnaly i found it!, but the link are deleted, can you re-upload this great album please?
I hope you can. ok.
Cheers from Northern Chile ! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello , i hope you can re-upload this great album of TAD, Cheers !

roy rocket said...

I'll re-upload this on Saturday; seeing as you asked so nicely, and you come from Chile ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Roy, please let me know , when you can upload this great album ok..
Thanks in advance. :)

roy rocket said...

Hey, Alfredo!

A last I have managed to get this damn thing together.
Please excuse my lateness - I have been extremely absent [!].

So, fixed, just hit the 'here' link and, after all that, I hope you enjoy it.
Shanti, roy

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much ! :)

roy rocket said...