Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sunny Delight

What could be better on a summer's afternoon than lazing around in the garden while listening to the Adrian Sherwood instigated jocular dub musings of Dub Syndicate?
It even makes the odd diluvial deluge seem exciting.

More than a compilation album, this Classic Selection includes remixes, imported single releases and ten previously unreleased tracks.

The On-U Sound collective here features Bim Sherman, Style Scott, Errol Holt, Dr. Pablo, Dwight, Skip McDonald and others, all carefully arranged, produced and manipulated by Sherwood, the true master of the knobs.

Some of the tunes may seem familiar, especially if you are a listener to other On-U Sound artists and recordings, such as Bim Sherman or the excellent collaborative album Lee Perry made with Dub Syndicate: Time Boom X De Devil Dead.
But here the tracks are pared right down, emulating the true origins of Jamaican dub music.

Quite remarkable really, considering the majority of On-U Sound's music originated from East London.

Dub Syndicate - Classic Selection, Volume 1 (1989)

J.A. Minor
Night Train
The Show is Coming
Geoffrey Boycott
Man of Mystery
Dr. Who?
Ravi Shankar
Hey Ho
Short Sharp Treatment
Je T'aime
See a Man's Face
Tremolo Dub
Before the Future
Satan Side
Radics 7

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michaelDUSTdevil said...

don't mind if i do... cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

sweet mate.xx

teifidancer said...

wow amazin listenin to on u at 3. 45 this morning, easy sitting in garden nearly got struck by lightning .steven wells rage in peace

roy rocket said...


Shame Wells's passing will be lost in the outpouring for Jacko.
But we remember him!
And Farrah Fawcett... we'll remember her too...
Peace Be Upon Them.
So it goes

Gleckit Loon said...

Volume 2.

mp3 320

pass: hooligan