Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thrash Me, Darling

Remember when thrash was allowed to be fun?
When it was okay to go fast without an accompanying voice insisting we crucify all Christians or boil our kids in their own blood?
I do.

And Snuff, despite their name, were very fun indeed.
What with their rapidity and love of speed on versions of songs by the likes of the Who, the Four Tops and Simon and Garfunkel; and their hilarious takes on jingles from British TV ads; well, you kind of get the picture.

It seemed they could thrash anything.
GBH's 'City Baby - 'Attacked by Rats'? No problem.
Chas & Dave's 'In Sickness and in Health'? A breeze.
The jingles that accompany the Shake n Vac and Bran Flakes ads? Er. Yeah!
They all work.
And why not.

But the secret of Snuff's success, apart from their humour, was their inclusion of the good old trombone.
Nicolae Ceauşescu's nemesis (yes, the despotic once ruler of Romania banned the trombone, believing it to be seditious. When he was finally dealt with by the Romanian people, underground trombone bands took to the streets of Bucharest and celebrated their new found emancipation!) and Rico Rodriguez's best friend (did you know Rico received an MBE in 2007 for services to music? Rastafari!); and every thrash band should have one.

All together now: Tasty, tasty, very very tasty, they're very tasty...

Snuff - Flibbiddydibbiddydob (1990)

Rods and Mockers
Do Nothing
Shake 'N' Black
Can't Explain
Reach Out
Hazy Shade of Winter
Do It Quick
City Baby - Attacked By Rats
Bran Flakes
In Sickness and in Health

Slightly crackly vinyl rip @320kbs
But still Sensational!
Shout along with Snuff here


icastico said...

Cool stuff.
Here's one for you.

Anonymous said...

excellent stuff, the first a corker also...ta.

roy rocket said...

That reminds me; I must get round to posting it...
Cheers, roy

Anonymous said...

Snuff were a breath of fresh air, funny looking blokes in parkas but they kicked up a great racket you could sing and dance to. I travelled to some random places to see mindblowing Snuff gigs.

Rev Splonk said...

I have that CD, I can rip it for ya if ya want.. :)

roy rocket said...

What CD?
(Fuck that was hard to type.)
I've been meaning to post it; I will get round to it.
But maybe you mean something else...?