Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Duplicitous Dub

Like Scientist, King Tubby or Augustus Pablo, you know exactly what you're going to get when it comes to Mad Professor.

Carrying on in the great tradition established in the Caribbean, Mad Professor, aka Neil Fraser, picked up the dub baton and ran with it.

Because of his place in time, essentially the eighties (although he is still working), working out of London he soon became part of the insurgence of new wave dub and roots music; kick started by the creative and inspirational British post-punk scene.

His moniker was earned due to his expertise and wizardry in electronics, and it was that skill alongside a fine set of ears and dominion over the knobs that made his sound and production really stand out.

And that's what this recording does; stand out.

A prolific worker, Mad Professor has released over a hundred recordings of his own music and collaborated or been a part of many, many more.
But this I think is the best of the bunch.

Part of the Dub Me Crazy series, Schizophrenic Dub is exactly that.
Off the wall and all over the shop, the sonics are dizzying, constantly taking you by surprise.
The title track is particularly disorientating.
Mad Professor - Schizophrenic Dub (1986)

Medusa's Head
War Cry
Cosmic Ray
Haunts of Evil Spirits
Russian Roulette
Preacher's Chant
Schizophrenic Dub
The Case of the Disappearing Sari
Drunken Scotsman
High-Tec Dub
Heavyweight Dub
Medusa's Tail

CD rip to mp3, with artwork.
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Anonymous said...

Another gem - the later offering "Psychedelic Dub Dub" is also right out there and well worth a listen.

Cheers Roy - keep em coming Roy.


Brian said...

Thanks, this is fantastic

Willard said...

Thanks for this one RR.

devotionalhooligan said...

cheers roy... pure class,i've only ever had a dodgy tape of this.

big hugs.x