Sunday, 18 January 2009

Papa's got a brand new head

Yet another Butthole Surfers’ related band, Daddy Longhead were among a whole plethora of projects to emerge from the seemingly difficult environment of being in the Butthole Surfers in the early nineteen-nineties.

Bass player Jeff Pinkus - who had already wandered from the Surfers’ camp, tempted by Gibby Haynes into creating the Jackofficers’ Digital Dump - got together with Learyesque guitarist Jimbo Younge and Scratch Acid, Ministry and Rapeman drummer Rey Wisham to form the hard-rocking, Surfers-like, Texan psyche trio.

This album, Daddy Longhead's first, is a real mother of a Butthole Surfers' album the Surfers never made.
The similarities are distinct and obvious; and there’s nothing at all wrong with that!

Younge manages to squeeze as many notes as is humanly possible to every bar, making for a frantic and breathless pace to much of Cheatos.
A swirling violin takes over on 'Driftwood'; and it really makes your head spin.

'20lb Jockey' is the reason I first obtained this album, and it’s still my favourite track.
Absurd, totally bizarre, superbly executed: just the way I like ‘em.

'Spec' features a selection of odd spoken word samples; and with the band riffing over the top, it sounds like an audio track to some weird cut-up montage – which is exactly what it is [!].

Reminiscent of old Surfers’ material circa Locust Abortion Technician maybe, but this is far more polished and gorgeously tight; contrasting much of the early Surfers’ recordings, where tight meant bourgeois.

Daddy Long Head really don’t mind showing off their chops here; and their version of Gregg Allman’s 'Whipping Post' is both masterfully performed and the weirdest damn version you’ll ever hear.

The album ends with a brief lo-fi chorus of 'Viper Blues'; no doubt in homage to their muse…
I recommend this to all stoners, but certainly not exclusively.
Straights can dig it too.

Daddy Long Head - Cheatos (1991)

Back in '69
20lb Jockey
Scar Spangled Banner
The Post
Green Fog
Pine Box

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