Sunday, 11 January 2009

It's All Poppiecock!

Before the Poppies went all housey, housey and BOOMtastic; and long before Clint Mansell considered being a masterful movie soundtrack composer (he scored the excellent music for the mind blowing Requiem for a Dream); Pop Will Eat Itself were a joyfully tight, garage influenced, power pop outfit, relying on no more a traditional framework than guitar, bass, snare and voice.

The songs on this e.p. from 1986, none longer than two and a half minutes, have an almost demo-like or pre-cursory quality about them: drafts for what the band would go on to create over the remainder of their career.

Stripped right down, the sound adopts a live, coming at ya, kind of feel, making the songs sound vital and vibrant.

And due to the recent re-emergence of the grebo look and style - a reaction perhaps to the overly manufactured emo - this collection sounds fresh and contemporary; unlike their later releases that have become distinctly fixed in time.

So if you thought Pop Will Eat Itself were nothing more than a happy go lucky bunch of grebo pseudo-rapping bricoleurs from the Midlands, ripping off others' chops and hits: check this out.

Can U dig it?
Well, yeah.

And just what is it about candy, anyway?

Pop Will Eat Itself - Poppiecock (1986)

The Black Country Chainstore Massacreee
Oh Grebo I Think I Love You
Titanic Clown
I'm Sniffin with You Hoo
Sick Little Girl
Theresapsychopathin my soup

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GreboGuru said...

YES!!!! Th' Poppies R Crap (and I love 'em), great stuff. Thanks for ripping this one, I'll be grabbing it fo' sure.