Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Once Big Black had finished, and Rapeman had been fully exorcised, Albini moved on to greater things in the creation of Shellac.
1000 Hurts is their third album, and in my opinion, their best.

It features what must be the greatest opening track, ever.
It's not the greatest track - although it is a sonic blast - but it is, without doubt, the best of openers - check it out; you'll hear what I mean.

The vinyl edition came in a 12" box, emulating in design and size an Ampex Professional Recording Tape packet.

It also included a free CD edition [!], included here:

Shellac - 1000 Hurts (2000)

Prayer to God
Squirrel Song
Mama Gina
Song Against Itself
New Number Order
Shoe Song
Watch Song

CD rip
Hurt yourself  here

O, and do check out Steve Albini's food blog.
Seriously. It's very cool.
And often recipes include a little diatribe about something or other. Funny.


The Head Brewer said...

I've got this on vinyl (bought it the day it came out) but haven't got a record player so have never listened to it. Does the vinyl have the same spoken word intro as the CD or is it different to reflect the correct catalogue number for the vinyl, TG211LP rather than TG211CD?

roy rocket said...

They're the same; only the format is different.

Chris Phillips said...

They're not the same. They do indeed have a different intro. From memory the CD version states "Samples represented in two's-complement binary" and a few other similar CD related things.