Saturday, 15 October 2011

Don't Panic! Don't Panic!

Total lack of Teutonic bands here; so to rectify, here's something representing the German contingent: my favourite from the so-called Krautrock canon.

Of all the bands to have been working out of Germany at the end of the sixties and into the seventies, Amon Duul II were the band who dragged the older decade screaming into the new.
Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother, Floyd (at their artiest) are all evident in their sound; but the zeitgeist collided, creating a new beast; one that was inspired by Hawkwind and Gong, as well as compatriots Neu!.

With its Rodney Matthews' artwork depicting invasion, the band's identity could not easily be forgotten.
Thirty years later London acquiesced - but man, those accents...!

Amon Duul II - Live in London (1973)

Archangels Thunderbird
Eye Shaking King
Soap Shop Rock
Syntelman's March of the Roaring Seventies
a) Pull Down Your Mask
b) Prayer to the Silence
c) Telephonecomplex
a) Restless-Transistor Child-Landing in a Ditch
b) Dehypnotized Toothpaste
c) A Short Step at the Transylvanian Brain Surgery
Race From Here to Your Ears
a) Little Tornados
b) Riding on a Cloud
c) Paralized Paradise

Decent vinyl rip @320kbs
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Sage said...

Nice post Roy and good timing too, I've been playing a bit odf Neu! and the Cosmic Jokers recently and am just in the mood for a dash of this.

Cheers Nik.

Anonymous said...

Hey question:
The track list above shows track 3 as Soap Shop Rock, but the file itself is named Soap Shop Opera. Which is correct?

And speaking of this vein, wouldja happen to know of any live Jane? Preferably from the early period '70s...

Love the site, BTW. Keep up the GREAT work.

roy rocket said...

'Soap Shop Rock' is the correct title.
What a silly Billy I am.
Live Jane...?
Probably not - anything in particular? roy

Anonymous said...

Well, I have all the official releases so always on the lookout for any early boots or such. Their Live at Home is an amazing slice of budding KrautProgRock. Thanks for all you're doing here! It's a pretty cool collection ya got going.

Another Xmas compilation on the way???

roy rocket said...

Thanks for the 'thanks'.
The older I get the more Christmases become the same; so I'll probably recycle; unless I put up my Gene Autry...[hmmm...]. roy