Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Piping Down the Valleys Wild

I've been listening to some Bush Chemists recently after grabbing a copy of their wicked Light Up Your Spliff (there), and it reminded me of this little gem I had tucked away; and as I haven't put up any roots or rub-a-dub stylings for a while, here's something special to keep it bubbling.

Dubs From Zion Valley is a diplomatically split album from two of Britain's finest dub producers: Jonah Dan (Bongoman) and Dougie Wardrop (The Bush Chemists; this being his debut).

The solid sounds produced are iconic of the nineties' British dub scene: synthetic beats, trancey bass patterns, delays, decays and lots and lots of reverberation; giving the old ear-ways a thorough blasting; getting right down deep; massaging the bowel; tickling the perineum.

Have a tickle on me.

Jonah Dan Meets The Bush Chemists - Dubs From Zion Valley (1994)

Jonah Dan:

Dangerous Dub
Tehilim (Psalms 30 & 47)
Meditation Rock
Zion Valley
Selassie I Highway
Meditation Rock - Horns Version
Yom Kippur

The Bush Chemists:

Trial Dub
4 Minute Dub
Voices Dub
Rimshot Get Clap
Playfool Dub
The Mighty Sphinx Dub

CD rip to mp3s, artwork included.
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Anonymous said...


This is a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use some of the information from this post right above if I give a backlink back to your site?


Anonymous said...

Nice one Roy, I've been listening to a fair bit of Dub recently and then check out your latest post and what do you know.


. said...

Hmm. Call me old school, but what I miss is the dusty depth of a bass guitar here. It's all a little too clean for me, more like electronica than dub. Yes, you're right, I haven't a fucking clue. But what I love about dub is exactly that fuzzy, stoned-out, daaaark vibe of (*ulp*) Real Instruments warped through a ganja haze that is absent here. This is like, er - Swiss Dub.

I did give it a couple of listens, then I got back into Sly n' Robbie.

roy rocket said...

I accept your point - and the next post kind of addresses that.
Yes, here we are in the territory of the studio and the desk; and it is a very different place to the fuggy tent or basement.

As for Sly & Robbie; they're kind of between the two; with, it must be said, an ever increasing commercial hook, which artists like Dan and Wardrop never bothered with or aspired to.
Good on 'em.
All power to their knobs!

roy rocket said...

Please fell free to quote this and anything else you consider worthy.
It's only words....