Thursday, 11 November 2010

El Residentes, innit

Right strange one this.

First off, this is not the Balearic beat as we all now know it: this is a very different animal.
And secondly, a compilation featuring such diverse artists as The Residents, The Woodentops, Nitzer Ebb and Mandy Smith (remember her? Think Bill Wyman, yeah, you got it) is hard to imagine; especially one titled Balearic Beats.

All rather bizarre; but somehow, rather good.

Up to a point.

The liner notes boldly suggest that despite the Balearic beat being born in Ibiza, it was actually conceived in South London, or more precisely: The Shoom Club, as well as a little foreplay going on down the road at The Future.

Well, it was the eighties....

Of course the highlight is without doubt The Residents' 'Kaw-liga', alone well worth the download: it's really stomping; dreadfully infectious, and just makes you want to go and listen to a lot more Residents.
And why not?

There are some other interesting pieces on here though, it's not just a one trick pony by any means.
Nitzer Ebb's 'Join in the chant' has much of a 23 Skidoo vibe about it, and Beats Workin''s 'Sure Beats Workin'' is reminiscent of Jah Wobble's late-eighties' sound, and includes some gorgeously blended Moorish flavours.

So despite the strange combination and odd juxtaposing within this collection, it does work.
It's bouncy, upbeat and just oozes eeeeeeeeeeee.
All in all, very evocative of that late-eighties club vibe.

Two up on the pacifier!

Various Artists - Balearic Beats: Vol 1 (1988)

Electra - Jibaro
Code 61 - Drop the Deal
Beats Workin' - Sure Beats Workin'
Enzo Avitabile - Blackout
Mandy Smith - Mandy's Theme (I Just Can't Wait)
The Residents - Kaw-liga
The Woodentops - Why Why Why (live)
Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant
Fini Tribe - De Testimony
The Thrashing Doves - Jesus on the Payrol

Excellent vinyl rip @320kbs
Go "Kaw-ligaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" here


infinite fool said...

5 out of 6 links deleted already. Looks like you've got yourself a troll.

Anonymous said...

Something up with this one Roy - won't allow for some reason.

Great album though - I had it on tape years ago.

Splendid choice as per usuall.


roy rocket said...

Hurry, hurry!
Repaired link

roy rocket said...

I think the end is in sight.
It's inevitable.
But it may be closer than we imagine.
Back up your blogs.
Grab as much as you can, not just from here but from everywhere.
This isn't going to last forever.

. said...

You remind me of that bloke who used to walk the Charing Cross road with a big sign saying the End Is Nigh and we all ought to eat more fish. he was right about the fish.

Listen, are you trying to tell me the Evil Internet Illuminati are going to throw this blog into the Potomac before your epochal Bing post is up?

roy rocket said...


It's just kind o funny that so many familiar blogs are going down. All of a sudden like.
There is a lot of stuff going on, and I do get the impression that a case is being prepared to attempt to prosecute Google (Blogger) and other platforms for allowing and promoting 'copyright infringement'.

Yeah, I was having a paranoid moment; but heaven forbid, if I go down, zapped by the meta-delete button, I'm determined to take that fucker, Bing, with me.