Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sign o' the Times

Time was everything in the eighties.
Time was money.

But the times, like the decade, were a changing.
Time was running out.
No longer on our side.

Time for change.

Time was up for Culture Shock, too.
Time to call it a day.

But still time enough to end with a flourish.
Time enough to go out with a bang.

(Dick never whimpered.)

But time is an endless song.
Time is the muse; and the muse is always the times.

Time, gentlemen, please!

Time's up.
Time to go.

Culture Shock - All the Time (1989)

Twenty Questions
Upside Down
The Time it Takes
Four Minutes
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Dub

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Travel through time here

One of the most commonly used nouns in the English language.

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