Monday, 8 February 2010


Not being a fan of Faith No More - although their version of DK's 'Let's Lynch the Landlord' was bloody genius - I was totally stunned on first hearing this album.
I know Roddy Bottum was (is, aren't they back together?) merely the keyboard player in that monster nu-metal outfit, and keyboard players don't tend to be the most conspicuous within metal bands, but the difference in sound - and attitude - between Bottum's day-job band and this, his hobby band, is immense.

Strapping on an electric guitar and fronting a rock band can do wonders for the ego.
And as long as one can avoid the phallocentric urge, there is no better way to express raw, authentic emotion.
Roddy Bottum it seems had a lot to say.

Existential lyrics emerge from crisp, percussive riffs.
His words are playful, spiteful, provocative and funny.
Nearly every song has a hit the button moment.
That moment when the guitar player pushes the pedal switch.
That moment when you feel the rush.
The crush from behind.
And from within.
With a female rhythm section (and that's more Freudian than I intended) and old friend Will Schwartz helping out with guitar parts, Bottum appears to keep it real; his vulnerable delivery creates instant empathy, and the way the listener is compelled to join in with the lasting refrains creates an immediate bond.
Queer sensibility or not.

Imperial Teen - Seasick (1996)

Imperial Teen
Water Boy
Pig Latin
Blaming the Baby
You're One
Tippy Tap

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