Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Great Pub in the Sky

Sad to hear Mick Green, guitarist and Pirates' captain, is no longer with us.

So a good chance to celebrate his music.

As one of the instigators of what came to be known as 'Pub-rock' (The Pirates featured on the now-legendary Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival (1977) compilation album), The Pirates' tight, choppy, full-tilt blues and boogie influenced many a band following in their wake.

And without Mick Green there would have been no Wilko Johnson - an admirer who also went on to influence a multitude.

Back in the early-eighties, Dingwalls was celebrating a birthday or something, and The Pirates, very nearly the club's house band, were headlining.
They played a blinding set, and had a Strat playing Lemmy [!] join them for the encore.
Made for one of the best nights I ever had in Camden Town.

So for that, and the rest: Cheers Mick.
And, Long Live The Pirates!

The Pirates - Out Of Their Skulls (1977)


Please Don't Touch
I Can Tell
Peter Gunn
Lonesome Train
Shakin' All Over
Milk Cow Blues


Drinkin' Wine Spo'De'O'D
Do the Dog
Gibson Martin Fender
Don't Munchen It
That's the Way You Are
You Don't Own Me

Decent vinyl rip @320kbs
Encouraging piracy here

Dig Pub rock? Check out boogie woody's wicked post for lots of Pub rock related stuff, go there for more Pirates' material, the esential Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival album, and more.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know 'til I saw this.
I used to see the Pirates at the end of the seventies. Both the band and Mick were unique in every way, and they embodied and defined British rythmn 'n' blues. Sad to see you go, Mick.

Mona said...

It was Dingwalls 10th party gigs culminating w/ ElvisC. I was there as I worked behind the bar. Small world eh?

roy rocket said...

Hey, Mona; far-out!
Don't suppose you remember Pepe, huh?

Mona said...

It does and my partner worked there too...but both of us are drawing a blank...more details needed as we are both old LOL!. I am still in touch with a few people from there now.

kingpossum said...

Thanks for the tunes, Mick!

BTW, anybody have a rip of the U.S. version of "Skull Wars", with the added slide guitar on "Long Journey Home"?

Cheers all,

roy rocket said...

King P, have you tried the boogie woody link; he has 'Skull Wars', but not sure if it's the version you're after...

Pepe was the potman, Italian [!], I met him at a sesh one night in The Hawley Arms (RIP).
He often used to get me and a few associates into Dingwalls via the guest list; especially on Heavy Metal Nights, which I think were on Wednesdays...
Fuck! Such fun.
Yeah, does kind of make one feel old...
Auld Lang Syne, and all that, roy

Mona said...

Yeah he arrived just after I left...ah The Hawley (which is back open after burning down) Had many a session in there.

kingpossum said...

Yeah Roy, got it. The Woody's version is the UK one, same as I've found elsewhere. For the US release, Sire used a version of "Long Journey Home" that had a slathering of slide guitar all over it, which I've yet to find digitized. Thanks for the tip, tho!