Saturday, 15 August 2009

Freakbeat Manifesto

Excellent predominantly British psyche compilation courtesy of Freakbeat magazine via Delerium Records, crystallizing the best of the underground scene at the beginning of the Nineteen-Nineties.

Sundial get things rolling with a heads' down, blistering instrumental jam.
The double album closes with a scary sonic 'Nightmare'.
In between all manner of echoes, ghosts and visions are conjured...
(harp sounds)
... jam and cucumber sandwiches, pots of tea and pints of Broon. Granny Takes a Trip, Club Dog. Glam. Pronk! Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Englishness, Americana & Kraut. Tony McPhee, Viv Stanshall, The Elastic Hair Band. Nostalgia, evolution: atavism. Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake, Wheat Straw, Liquorice, Rips. Blues, purple hues; whiteys. Monty Python, Thomas Pynchon, Ted Hughes, The Prisoner. I am the Walrus & Hey Diddle Diddle. Fondant Fancies, flapjacks, felafels, fruit salad and fudge...

Something here for everybody.

A Psychedelic Psauna (1991)

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Sundial - Mind Train Jam
Magic Mushroom Band - Don't Be Afraid
Nick Riff - Lost and Wild
The Petals - Poisoned Air
The Porcupine Tree - Linton Samuel Dawson
Poisoned Electric Head - Snobs
The Bevis Frond - Cold Rain and Snow
Alice's Orb - Don't Know If I Should
John Fallon - Summer's End in San Francisco
The Gothics - The Quest
Tyrnaround - Hello or Goodbye
The Coloured Plank - Black Ferris Wheel
Cosmic Kangaroos - Ritual People
Reefus Moons - Mr & Mrs Creature
Marshmallow Overcoat - 13 Ghosts
Mandragora - Conspiracy
Dr. Brown - Freakbeat
Ozric Tentacles - Erp Riff '83
The Jasmine Love Bomb - That River
Dimentia 13 - Do the Jerk Off
The Trodds - The Stalk
Treatment - Nightmare

Excellent vinyl rip @320kbs

AC makes Part one
ID makes Part two


devotionalhooligan said...

cheers for this copy went ages back... it'll be cool to hear it again.x

devotionalhooligan said...

and what a fuckin far out trip... it's left me almost horizontal,ok,
with a little help from me pipe too... x

roy rocket said...

I particularly dig Poisoned Electric Head's 'Snobs'; must get some more of their stuff; it has that Cardiacs kind of sound, Pronk I guess - although such a shit name for a music genre.
But all in all a right good HIT!
Glad to hear life is budding for you...
Jah Bless, roy

devotionalhooligan said...

i've got the first PEH album,it's great(i've not posted any vinyl yet as my pc/high-fi are in different rooms)... i got to see them loads in the early 90s... they were totally wild.i love the treatment track,although none of their recordings capture their live shows,maybe the stamp out mutants 7'' and the track on here.
i'm busy packing up me tent,bottle of scotch and pipe for a weekend of excess at green man.should be far out,roky erickson,hawks,& more.speak soon.big hugs.x

roy rocket said...

You lucky, lucky person you.
I am deeply, deeply envious!
Have a good one - if that's not stating the bloody obvious!
I look forward to seeing the pics.
Shanti, roy