Thursday, 23 April 2009

Lepisma saccharina

If Jimmy Page and John Bonham had been born twenty years later than they were, and if they'd been speed heads and not ones for the Charles and champers, then Zeppelin may well have sounded like Silverfish.

There's something very Zeppelin about Silverfish, right from the beginning of this album their sound is massive; bombastic, and brimming with energy.

In reality Fuzz plays nothing like Page; there's no blistering lengthy solos, and there's certainly no 'Dazed and Confused'. No it's the way in which the songs are arranged and structured that creates the comparison with the rock gods; and the drums, well, they're definitely dead Bonzo.

I loved this band.
They were the noisiest band around.
They always played a good show, and would rattle around in your head for a good week after you'd seen them.

Fat Axl, released between the T.F.A. and Fucking Drivin' or What? e.p.s, was Silverfish's first full length album release.
As a representation of their sound it's pretty good. It's always a problem to capture the dynamism and energy of Bands like Silverfish (who were essentially live acts) in the confines of the studio; but this is a fair attempt, and sounds just about as live as you can get on a studio album; little overdubbing and plenty of whine and fizz.

Silverfish - Fat Axl (1991)

Pink and Lovely
Fat Painted Carcass
Harry Butcher
Shit Out Of Luck
White Lines
Two Marines
Baby Baby Baby
Ich Bin Ein-Schaften Trouser

Immaculate vinyl rip @320kbs
Hear what the speed freaks did to 'White Lines' here


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