Friday, 31 October 2008

Spooky Tunes & Creepy Beats

Halloween's not such a big deal here in Wales.
But I am off to a party in a bit, so maybe things are changing.
Not yet the North American alternative to the Mexican Day of the Dead festival; but I'm sure we'll get there.

And here is a wonderful collection of spooky beats that will go down well at any spooky gathering: Allhallows' Even or not.

Now deleted, this album really came about due to a renewed interest back in the late nineties of Jesse Franco's movies and in particular the way the soundtrack to Vampyros Lesbos was being used by many DJs as part of their sets (a wonderful piece of lounge/mondo jazz created by Hubler and Schwab back in 1968 - very available across the net: seek it out it's well worth it).

So this is not a soundtrack album, neither is it a remix of the original movie's soundtrack; but it's an album that was inspired by the movie and its original soundtrack.
With the likes of Rockers Hi Fi; Dr.s Rockit (no relation) & Israel; DJs Wally & Hell; and the wonderfully monikered Witchman, here are some fantastic variations and subversions of the original tunes all accompanied by downbeat, trip-hop and jungle beats mixed up with new grooves and original movie samples - including some wicked screams that create some really neat crescendos.
The album is dedicated to the memory of Soledad Miranda, who was Franco's muse.
She died in a car crash in 1970, not long after the release of this now cult movie, apparently en route to meet Franco about discussing a contract for a new series of films they were to make together.
With that in mind, this is a great album to drive to...
It certainly keeps me awake on those long motorway drives; the beats meet the white lines perfectly, and those screams make sure you don't find those lines too mesmerizing or hypnotic.

Various Artists - The Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos (1997)

Minus 8 - Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos
Higher Than God - Stroemberg
Rockers Hi Fi - The Lions and the Cucumber (bigga bush's Transylvania boogie mix)
Dr. Israel - Vampya Killa
Dr. Rockit - The Lion and the Cucumber (the doctor and the rockit remix)
Project Pollen - Frauleinsuppe
DJ Wally - Necromix
Witchman - Les Boss Electros (return of the big man)
Cristian Vogel - People's Playground (Soledad Mix)
DJ Hell - Nadine De Uskudar
Two Lone Swordsmen - Morpha
De Chico - Future Fruit
Alec Empire - The 6 Wisdoms of Aspasia

Get this collection of creepy beats here, includes CD artwork.
So whatever you do this Halloween: have a good one!
And for those real freaks out there: Happy Samhain!


Anonymous said...

Great collection to assist with the cool film too! I love what your blog is all about my man!

Halloween is so damn cool too! I used to love hitting the streets with my brother and friends when we were kids on those autumn nights, so much fun dressing up a zombie or dracula. They have people in America who still try fighting Halloween and shun it for it's anti christian elements. The beautiful thing is though, it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year and more fun is had!


roy rocket said...

Hi D,
Thanks for your kind words.

As a kid growing up in London Halloween just didn't exist.
It wasn't really until John Carpenter's movie that us Brits really caught on!

Glad you like the blog.
Shanti, roy

englishfog said...

Hi Roy,
Great compilation! I love vampyre stuff...vampyros lesbos! what else can be more cool? By the way, I just remembered the BBC tv show : "The House of Horrible of Dr. Terrible" (or something like that) Have you seen it? If my memmory don't fails me, there is precisely a lesbian vampyre scene! I died laughing with that show.


roy rocket said...

Howdy, Englishfog.
Glad you like this mix - it is a good one, isn't it.

Lesbian Vampires on the BBC! Surely not!

I do remember a movie: Doctor Terror's House of Horrors.
That's pretty cool.
Christopher Lee is haunted and hunted down by a fire-resitant, disembodied hand. That was creepy.
But I'm not sure it had any lesbian vampires in it; and I'm sure I would have remembered...
Hope you're keeping well, man.
Shanti, roy

englishfog said...

This is the right name: "Dr Terrible's House of Horrible"
with Steve Coogan.

Watch this:

Maybe you can understand better than I what are they talking about (I watched long time ago with subtitles)

There are other scenes from the same series which make me pissed in my pants!


A Dashing Blade said...

Never knew this existed, will listen as soon as I find an m4a converter. BTW, you can get the original on my blog

Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Joe

Anonymous said...

This magnificent idea is necessary just by the way

roy rocket said...

You bet.

I think...

Anonymous said...

Yes... Likely... The easier, the better... All ingenious is simple.