Thursday, 28 August 2008

Less haste more Verve

The first Verve recording was not as many assume the album A Storm in Heaven but a wonderful extended play (and at thirty-two minutes very nearly an LP) known simply as The Verve E.P.
Released in 92, it contains the two early singles: 'She's a Superstar' and 'Gravity Grave', and the excellent track 'Feel', by far the best track, and still remains one of my favourite songs of theirs; really anticipating their later accessible psychedelic sound so evident on their first two albums.

This is certainly a more ethereal Verve: less in your face, less preachy and lacking the later adopted arrogance, especially lyrically.
If you liked A Storm in Heaven then this is essential listening.

Gravity Grave (Edit)
A Man Called Sun
She's a Superstar (Edit)
Endless Life

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"We are getting back together for the joy of the music." Ashcroft.

This of course being the band's second resurrection, I do believe this recent set at Glastonbury (29/6/08) proves that among the plethora of 'Super-groups' who have graced us with their presence of late, The Verve's may be one of the more creative and meaningful.
Typical of many headlining festival sets it is pretty much their greatest hits; although the version of 'Space and Time' is quite sublime; really encapsulating what it is that makes The Verve one of the greatest contemporary pop acts.
Their album Forth has been mainly criticised in the press for sounding more like A Northern Soul than Urban Hymns.
Well for my money that's no bad thing.
The new songs in this set don't sound at all out of place, and the rendition of the single 'Love is Noise' as a finale was an act of genius.

"Love and peace to all bands.
It's a struggle.
Life's a struggle.
And Monday morning may be a struggle for a lot of you in a job that you despise.
Working for a boss that you despise.
A slave to money then you die.
God bless ya."

Thank you Rich; welcome back.

Set List:
This is Music
Space and Time
Sit and Wonder
Velvet Morning
The Drugs Don't Work
Lucky Man
Bittersweet Symphony
Love is Noise

Ripped from TV broadcast.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, The Verve are tops always will be too in my book. They are some serious MF'ers! When they toured the states years ago they hung out with many of us after the show in Austin at a small club and were so fun and wild! It is so good to see them back together again!

I love your stuff too! Great!

roy rocket said...

Thanks for the comment, Dally.
Nice one.

I agree, as 'pop' acts go, the Verve are the best; Ashcroft's lyrics & McCabe's guitar playing are light years away from their contemporaries.
Oasis? No where near.
I was a little disappointed with the new album though - but then I hark back to Northern Soul days; that's when they were really peeking, for me.
Shanti, roy

martin41smith said...

top stuff loved there early sound,